Jane’s harp

Jane plays a Venus “Protege” harp. Venus harps have been made in Chicago by the Krasicki family since 1971.

Jane’s “Protege” harp is made out of hand-carved maple wood. The elegant geometric carvings are reminiscent of Celtic markings and have a gloss finish. The decorations on the soundboard are red with gold leaf. It has 46 strings and has an extended soundboard in order to make a larger and more beautiful sound.

Also available is a Salvi Celtic harp or a mid eastern harp for very small venues. The repertoire for these harps is more limited but the  smaller sound is sweet and beautiful.

Jane can also provide a flute and harp duo. Jane plays the flute to a highly professional standard and will play any piece as long as the music is available.

The Venus
Jane’s Venus “Protege” harp
The Salvi Celtic harp that Jane often uses at weddings being held in smaller venues
Jane’s Salvi Celtic harp
The Mid East harp that Jane often uses when playing at weddings held in smaller venues
Jane’s Mid East harp